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What is better than a just-picked off-the-vine tomato? How about it’s perfect accompaniment! 

If you love caprese salad with thick slices of beefsteak, rounds of mozzarella, a hefty drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and plenty of fresh basil, you might just flip for this tomato salad featuring whipped ricotta.

I adore whipped ricotta and get very excited when I see it on menus. It elevates charcuterie boards, is divine in fruit studded salads, and does something surreal to the current bumper crop of tomatoes. For some reason because it is so delicious, I thought it must be difficult to make. Turns out all you need is two minutes, a pound of grocery store ricotta, a food processor, and a teaspoon of kosher salt.

For the whipped ricotta pick up a pound of whole milk ricotta cheese. Drain it if it seems to have a lot of liquid.

Plunk the ricotta into the bowl of a food processor with a teaspoon of kosher salt. Pulse until combined. Scrape down the sides of the processor bowl. Run the processor for two minutes, scraping down the sides a couple of times if needed, until it whips itself into something ethereal.

Place in a bowl to serve or put the whipped ricotta back into the rinsed-out plastic container the ricotta came in and refrigerate.

I have been serving up this tomato salad with whipped ricotta at every turn. Pick up some beautiful tomatoes at the farmer’s market. Or if you are lucky enough, off your own vines.

Small heirlooms are wonderful too.

Generously spread whipped ricotta onto a platter. Add a few grinds of pepper. Then drizzle with honey.

Top with a couple handfuls of arugula.

Scatter with plenty of thickly sliced tomatoes that you’ve cut into wedges and/or halved cherry tomatoes. Season with kosher salt. Drizzle with extra version olive oil and a little balsamic vinegar.

Want a spread that is as impressive as it is easy? Present a charcuterie board with a small bowl of whipped ricotta drizzled with honey and a little freshly ground pepper, slices of Manchego cheese, buttery Castelvetrano olives, rolls of sliced Soppressata, and tufts of prosciutto. 

You simply can’t beat this!

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