About Sandy

Hi I’m Sandy. On this blog I teach even the busiest of people to entertain with ease. I’m a former professional chef and caterer who almost went to France to study fish rather than college. I chose the more academic path but I never lost my passion for food. I want to share what I’ve learned over the past three decades of entertaining, whether in a tiny Manhattan apartment, unfamiliar Midwest town, or our home in the desert. I want more people to know the tricks of the trade to help even the most harried of you pull off the perfect party.

In this fast paced world who couldn’t use some tips to get out of the kitchen and back in the midst of our guests? Isn’t the point of entertaining to spend quality time with those we’ve invited? Come see how I am perfecting the “done before they arrive” dinner party- the secret is in planning and prepping ahead of time.

On andshecooks2 you’ll find hundreds of thoroughly tested recipes that allow you to spend more time with your company.

Wherever I find myself, I’m happiest with a full dining room table. Here is my story and what works for me. Come join the entertaining conversation and see how to make it work for you.

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