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Categories: Cocktail Party, Posted on June 22, 2011 by Sandy Bergsten

Believe it or not entertaining is a lot like curriculum design. If you plan it out thoughtfully there is a high probability that what you want to have happen will actually occur. Think Field of Dreams in an apron.

Looking at the stacked files for outgoing consulting projects I wondered if the same rules and theorems that help businesses plan, connect and communicate more effectively hold true for entertaining.

When you think about it isn’t entertaining just a way to connect and the vehicle for that connection cooking? I thought I’d put it to the test for this weekend’s party.

A party is simply an event where certain individuals are brought together to have a shared experience. And the best way to plan any experience is to map it out. Time to pull out Phase One of my Curriculum Design Formula.


Phase One is about setting up the framework. Here you state your philosophy; describe the rationale and concept; list your goals and objectives; describe the target participants, setting and situation; and create a timeframe and budget.

Before you get all wiggy- bear with me. This weekend my husband and I are having a party for his office at our home. Let’s see if my business framework can double as an entertaining one.

Here goes:


My entertaining philosophy is to create a relaxed atmosphere with delicious food and wine where I spend more time with my invited guests and less time in the kitchen. I want to create a menu that is almost entirely done before my guests arrive.

Rationale and Concept

We want to welcome my husband’s office into our home for a fun and casual get-together where the guests can come and go at their convenience.

Goals and/or Objectives

To bring my husband’s office together for some downtime bonding and for them to see our new house in the summer.

Target Participants

The guests are mostly in the their thirties and have young children. Spouses and significant others are invited. Some of the guests will bring someone and some will come alone.

Setting and Situation

We want to have people come to our house. We want an open structure that will allow the guests to come and leave as they please. Some guests might stay for a drink and others might make it an early supper.

Timeframe and Budget

Three hours on Sunday afternoon seem to work best for this group. There is not really a budget in terms of dollars- we want it to be nice but very casual.


An Open House on Sunday, June 26th

3:30 -6:30 PM

At Our Home


Spouses and Significant Others Welcome

Mmmm this could get interesting…

Tomorrow let’s tackle the game plan and in the meantime I’m going to pick up the wine, beer, soda, and water. One of the other keys to successful entertaining is to do a little every day.


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