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Categories: Salads and Dressings, Breads, Pizza, Tarts, Eggs, Supper, Lunch, Breakfast/Brunch, Well Equipped, Posted on March 1, 2020 by Sandy Bergsten

Last year when we downsized, I went full out Marie Kondo. Purging felt exhilarating. Unpacking things that only brought me joy elating. Walking by air filled closets and half full drawers energizing. Then as the months passed, a few things tugged at my heartstrings and sensibilities. I have to be honest, I have a few regrets.

People who know me well, know that I’m a little obsessed with white ramekins. Full disclosure- I did pair down my ramekin collection to a fraction of its original size. That said, there are a few special ramekins I discarded that I wish I still had because it turns out I would in fact use them, and doing so would actually bring me joy.

And now that we live in a downtown apartment without any personal outdoor space or a place to grill, I’ve been thinking sous vide might be a good option for cooking up steaks and fish. Turns out you need a vacuum sealer. Too bad someone else now owns my professional grade FoodSaver.

Then there are the cast iron pans. I must admit I wavered when I held them in my hands in my old basement. But not knowing where we would be living and if I would have any extra cabinet space, I shut my eyes and gently placed them in the giveaway pile.

I regret giving up my cast iron. So, for Christmas I decided to bring myself a little joy and gave one to myself as a present. But instead of the farm-sized pans I let go, I purchased a Lodge 9-inch seasoned skillet. It’s the perfect size for my new life. 

And turns out that it’s ideal for baking an ethereal gruyere puff. This airy cheesy salty delight summons up the very best of Yorkshire pudding, buttermilk pancakes, and cheese souffle.

Place a 9-inch ovenproof skillet in the oven while it preheats to 400 degrees.

Grate three ounces of gruyere cheese.

To make about about ¾ cup.

Whisk together (preferably with a hand blender) three eggs, one-half cup whole milk and one-half cup flour, along with a big pinch of salt and few grinds of pepper until well aerated.

Let the batter sit while the oven preheats. 

Carefully remove the hot skillet. Place the butter in the skillet and swirl to coat all sides.

Stir the cheese into the egg mixture. 

Pour the batter into the buttered skillet. Transfer the skillet back into the oven and bake for about 30 minutes. 

Meanwhile place four generous handfuls of mixed greens and plenty of torn fresh herbs in a large bowl.

Spritz on half a freshly squeezed lemon so that the leaves are barely coated. Add a pinch of kosher salt and some freshly ground pepper, toss and taste for seasoning. Drizzle on the slightest bit of good olive oil and toss again. Think of the lemon and oil as lightly flavoring the greens, rather than dressing them.

Pile mounds of the dressed greens onto plates.

When puffed and dark golden carefully remove from the oven. Sprinkle with little kosher salt.

Cut into fourths.

 Serve puffed and piping hot along with the mixed greens.

There will be no regrets when you serve up this gruyere puff at your next brunch, lunch or supper. 

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