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Categories: Salads and Dressings, Dinner for Two, Dinner Party, Lunch, Well Equipped, Posted on January 9, 2017 by Sandy Bergsten

New year, new resolutions. Some might want to eat healthier, simplify, entertain more. Here’s a recipe to check the box on all three.

A big bowl of healthy greens is a welcome sight at any gathering. But serving salad to a crowd can be challenge. It’s hard to toss without having everything fly out of the bowl. And once dressed the leaves seem to wilt before your eyes, giving your salad no lasting power. If you’d like to add a little greenery to your next buffet, give these tips a try.

First choose a sturdier leaf.

I’m mad about mâche salad. The little rosettes have a wonderful texture and slightly nutty flavor.  They look like baby heads of lettuce and they really hold their shape.

For the dressing skip the vinegar all together, and instead lace your leaves with a little walnut oil. The rich layers add nuance and complexity.

For added depth try a pinch of black truffle salt. Your guests will find it opulent and unexpected. While pricey, a few of these flavorful grains go a long way.

And now for the secret to tossing it all together…A plastic garbage bag!

Place your washed and spun greens in a new large kitchen garbage bag. Drizzle on a few tablespoons of walnut oil. Take care not to overdress, you can always add more. Scatter in a pinch of black truffle salt. Don’t overdue this either, it’s potent. Then add a few grinds of black pepper.

Twist the bag to close, making sure you have lots of air in the bag. And give it a gentle shake. Taste for seasoning to see if you need more oil, salt, or pepper. Gently toss.

Open the bag slightly and carefully let the dressed greens fall into your serving bowl. As for this resolution… you’ve got it in the bag.

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