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Tis the season to share with those you care. And what better way than with a homemade token of your appreciation. I find sweets are best delivered in small packages. Here is a rich indulgence that’s guaranteed to delight, super dark and slightly salty.

Each year I make a big batch of my hot fudge sauce. I’ve found four-ounce Ball jars are the perfect size for me to say I’m thinking of you this holiday season. Quadrupling the recipe  fills twenty-four of these jars.

For my hot fudge sauce using the highest quality of ingredients maks a huge difference.

Roughly chop eight-ounces premium unsweetened chocolate.

In a heavy saucepan combine two cups sliced butter and the chopped chocolate. 

Melt over low heat, stirring constantly so that the chocolate does not burn.

Add two cups premium unsweetened cocoa powder, two and two-thirds cups granulated sugar and three cups heavy cream. 

Turn the heat to medium-low and stir constantly until the sugar dissolves completely and the sauce is just heated through, about three to five minutes. 

Stir in the remaining one cup cream, mix until smooth and thick, about one minute.

Remove from the heat and stir in two and a half tablespoons high quality vanilla extract and two teaspoons kosher salt.

I find using a batter dispenser makes this an easy and tidy job.

Pour the fudge into the jars. Let cool to room temperature.

When the fudge is set sprinkle with flaky sea salt.

Maldon makes for a pretty and tasty presentation.

Top with the lids and refrigerate. The box the jars came in makes for handy transport. And round Avery labels are a fun way to personalize the gift.

Just the right size. Leaving them wishing you had given them more, but grateful that you didn’t!

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