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perfecting the "done before they arrive" party- a work in progress

Categories: Appetizers, Cocktail Party, Dinner Party, Posted on November 15, 2022 by Sandy Bergsten

On the morning news they said that Thanksgiving is ten days away. How did that happen?? I don’t know about you but this one really snuck up on me.

Whether you’re hosting or bringing something to share, offering up a big board that folks can nibble from isn’t only impressive but relatively easy, especially if prep ahead of time. A charcuterie tray is perfect for a game day or the hours leading up to the big feast. 

It’s also the perfect thing to quickly pull together when impromptu guests arrive. Which is exactly what I did the other night.

In one of my last posts, I raved about whipped ricotta. It’s now a steady staple in my refrigerator, which means I can serve it up at a moments notice. 

Salmon rillettes are a real showstopper. Perfect to make when you have leftover salmon, or purchase some grilled salmon from the prepared food counter at your grocery store. If preparing both, make the whipped ricotta first. Rinse out the Cuisinart bowl then continue with the salmon rillettes. They each keep for at least a week in airtight containers in the refrigerator. 

Consider your deli clerks your antipasto wingmen. Ask them to slice up two to four ounces of Genoa salami. Folding each slice over for some reason makes it seem as though you fussed.

Mortadella is the Bentley of all bologna. Have them thinly slice a couple ounces. I like to tightly roll them up then cut them in half to make bite sized portions.

You can slice up any cheese you might have on hand. Manchego is always well suited. Lately goat gouda has been one of my favs.

And don’t forget the olives. Cerignolas are my favorite, but any combination works. Find something that suits you at your store’s olive bar.

To serve I love short thin bread sticks and slices of baguette. I like to place the breadsticks standing up in a small clean vase. I slice up a fresh baguette, wrap tightly in plastic wrap, then freeze in a Ziploc bag. A quick toast in the toaster oven and you are ready to go whenever the occasion arises.

A spread that offers up a little something for everyone. Saluti!

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