kiss the miss goodbye

perfecting the "done before they arrive" party- a work in progress
Categories: Appetizers, Breads, Pizza, Tarts, Cocktail Party, Lunch, Fête Fact, Posted on March 30, 2021 by Sandy Bergsten
In a year when many have lost so much it’s difficult to give voice to the special occasions that have evaporated. Quietly everyone is grieving the loss of coming together and celebrating life’s milestones. How many times have we had to plan, cancel, regroup, and reboot? Virtual stand-ins have surely fallen flat. My heart sank a bit when my youngest
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for the love of cod

cooking for one... or two
Categories: Soups, Dinner for Two, Supper, Lunch, Sources, Posted on March 15, 2021 by Sandy Bergsten
A dear friend is writing her second book. She reached out because she hit a roadblock and wanted my opinion. She is brilliant in the way she can take extremely complex topics and break them down in a way that ordinary people can grasp. Her dilemma was between being “true” to the essence of her subject and being perceived as dumbing it down so the a
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taking it to the streets

food detective
Categories: Eggs, Lunch, Breakfast/Brunch, Posted on March 1, 2021 by Sandy Bergsten
I miss food trucks. They are such a bang for your buck. Getting in line behind one not only satisfies whatever you’re craving, they provide inherent camaraderie with your fellow cue-mates. An all-inclusive culinary passport, if only for the moment. Lately I’ve been transporting myself to faraway lands one recipe. As we near the one-year mark of
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