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perfecting the "done before they arrive" party- a work in progress

Categories: Grains and Pasta, Breakfast/Brunch, Posted on December 25, 2018 by Sandy Bergsten

Having loved ones return home is such a happy time. I love planning the dinners, stocking my freezer with hors d’oeuvres, and decorating my mantle. Each year my goal is to plan far enough ahead so that I can truly enjoy the holidays without getting stressed. But there’s one thing that tends to undo me- days of breakfasts for a crowd. 

Morning fare is one of my challenges. I always wake early with the best of intentions. I merrily empty the dishwasher, hand wash what didn’t fit. Clear off and reset the table, throw on my sneakers to hopefully join a family morning walk, mop up the floor from where I dripped drying all those wine glasses then walked through that water with my tennis shoes, quickly feed the dog that’s now glaring at me, put on holiday music… Then just like clockwork as I think I am on top of my game my twenty-minute quiche is taking over an hour to set or as I’m about to place a dozen eggs in boiling water to poach, my gang grabs a cup of coffee and declares that they are off on hike- “Bye mom, we’ll grab something on the road mom” leaving my face to look as pleased as my hangry Norwich terrier’s forty minutes ago.

It was a happy day when I discovered how to make overnight oats. I fell in love with them while staying at a boutique hotel in Brooklyn.

Turns out they are so easy to make. Best part you simply take them out of the refrigerator, dollop them into bowls and serve with fresh fruit.

Combine one and a half cups old-fashioned oats with a pinch of kosher salt.

Stir in six ounces plain Greek yogurt.

Slowly add one and a quarter cups almond or skim milk, stir to combine thoroughly. 

Stir in one to two tablespoons of maple syrup and a quarter teaspoon of vanilla, if desired.

Cover and refrigerate overnight. The oats can be made four days in advance.

Before serving stir well. Thin with a little milk if needed.

Spoon oats into a bowl. 

Top with a dollop of Greek yogurt.

Add fresh sliced fruit. 

Or berries.  Drizzle with honey if desired.  

Willie Claws says having this stowed in your frig is sure to make your holidays merry and bright.

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