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Categories: Beverages, Cocktail Party, Dinner Party, Posted on March 29, 2022 by Sandy Bergsten

When entertaining one of my favorite things to do is to greet a guest with their favorite libation. I like to think of it as personal serial signature cocktails. Let’s be honest, most folks like to drink what they like to drink.

This week I am having a small group over for dinner and it turns out lemon drop martinis are one of my guests’ darlings. When I inquired, she was so sweet she even shared her recipe. Being a responsible hostess, I thought it only prudent to test drive the recipe before the party.

Well, I’m certainly glad I did the trial run a couple days before and thankfully after 5pm. Don’t let those pretty sugar rimmed glasses fool you, this drink packs a punch. It quite literally dropped me to my knees. Don’t worry- it was a pleasant decent! 

I have a bit of history with martini glasses. I adore their look. Holding one I imagine I appear a bit chicer. The problem is I don’t do well with what is in them. During the late 90s I tried my darndest to drink dirty martinis. An added bonus the blue cheese stuffed olives made for a delightful salty, savory spiked amuse bouche. Envision me perched on a bar stool laughing and gesturing with my hair falling in my face, needless to say, it was a short-lived look.

Here’s Brenda’s (slightly tweaked) recipe for her famous lemon drop martini.

Start with one and a half ounces lemon vodka and a half ounce Cointreau.

Add one ounce simple syrup. Make the simple syrup by combining one half cup granulated sugar and one half cup water. Bring to a boil, stir until dissolved, let cool completely, place in a tightly covered container and refrigerate for up to one week, 

Cut a twist for garnish. Then juice for one and a half ounces freshly squeezed lemon juice. Add up to one and a half ounces water if desired.

Put in shaker with lots of ice and shake vigorously till very cold and icy.  

Rim the glass by running it over with a lemon slice then placing it on a rimmed plate with granulated sugar. Let set for at least twenty minutes. Pour in sugar rimmed martini glass.

Add a lemon slice or lemon twist and serve. 

Can’t wait for next year’s bumper crop from my beloved meyer lemon tree. Cheers!

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