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perfecting the done before they arrive dinner party- a work in progress

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Drinks were a hit. Almost like train schedules of yore- right on track. Guests arrived at 6:05 and the tracks were clear by 7:09. 

My new friends and folks loved meeting one another, and the short time frame left everyone wanting more (always a plus). While I knew I didn’t have to worry about this capable group of meeters and greeters I did have to keep an eye on the clock so dinner would be on the table twenty minutes after my friends left.

bok choy

Halfway through cocktail “hour” I marinated the tuna. Right before the guests departed I tossed the baby bok choy in its marinade (both marinades were made earlier in the day) and turned on the grill.


All of the components for the Asian coleslaw were ready to go.

Asian Coleslaw ingredients

As the tuna steaks went on the grill I tossed the slaw and sautéed the baby bok choy.

Dinner was on the table at 7:22 (I impressed even myself).

For dessert how about this for a Sandra Lee-er (with a little Sandy B twist). As you might have guessed I’m not a big baker. When stressed I reach for something crunchy and salty not for sticky sweets (pity the person who gets between me and a box of Wheat Thins). While I’m not fond of making dessert I do appreciate a little amuse bouche at the end of a meal.

cheesecake tartlettes

Dayton’s Dorothy Lane Market has extraordinary slices of Mile High Cheesecake. A single piece is enough to push anyone off a dietary mile high cliff, but what if we did a little dividing and conquering? Sable and Rosenfeld have these incredible little tart shells. I plunked little scoops of the cheesecake into the miniature tart shells and topped each one with a gorgeous fresh raspberry.

cheesecake tartlettes

Who doesn’t want an after dinner drink- but who would actually request one? To satisfy I marinated some fresh blueberries in a few tablespoons of Grande Marnier and spooned them over DLM’s lemon/basil sorbetto.

marinated blueberries

The best part of the evening (besides having my parents in my new home) was rehashing cocktails over dinner.

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