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perfecting the "done before they arrive" party- a work in progress

Categories: Appetizers, Cocktail Party, Posted on December 11, 2017 by Sandy Bergsten

Bringing an appetizer to a special friend’s party calls for something a little exceptional. Nothing says home like a dip, though there is certainly nothing humdrum about this double salmon dip.

First glances are deceiving, this concoction is sophisticated and sublime. Smoked salmon and salmon roe. Don’t skimp on the ingredients, the highest quality yields superb results.

Make sure the salmon roe (or caviar) is not smoked but fresh. The eggs should be large, juicy and firm. It should come out of the refrigerated fish section of a high-end market. Don’t be tempted to substitute the small grainy red “caviar” you’ll find next to the canned tuna fish. You’ll be sorely disappointed.

After you’ve whisked together the whipped cream cheese and half and half, fold in the smoked salmon and chives.

Gently fold in the caviar, being careful not to break the eggs.

This beauty can be made a day in advance.

Serve with thick cut potato chips. Because this dip can be rather salty, unsalted chips might be best. If you have any dip  leftover, it's incredible on bagels the next morning.

Note: real salmon roe can be pricey but it can be frozen. Weigh out one-ounce portions and freeze. Thaw slowly overnight in the refrigerator. These little eggs are equally fabulous on top of scrambled eggs with crème fraiche and dill, on blinis or crowning a lemony pasta with asparagus tips.

You’ll be tempted to double dip- but we know you won’t, at least not while anyone is looking.

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