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Categories: Beverages, Cocktail Party, Sources, Eating Out, Posted on August 15, 2019 by Sandy Bergsten

The apartment we just moved into has structural damage and we need to move… again. While the mere thought of packing everything up again has brought me to the brink of tears (several times), I’ve decided to set my mind on the positives.

First, we are renting, so in essence this is not our problem. Second, there is another unit in our building that we can move into, which means we just need to schlep everything into the elevator and not into boxes and a truck. Third, the new place is on a much higher floor, hence gorgeous light. But I must admit sometimes my positive attitude needs a little kick in the rear. 

Last weekend I flew out to see my youngest who is summer interning in Park City, Utah. We had a fabulous meal at Tupelo. To start we had the most amazing deviled eggs and one of the best cocktails I have ever had, a Mezcal Mule.

Back in Chicago I took one look at my apartment, thought of everything on my plate, shuddered, then hightailed it to Binny’s to try to recreate that incredible drink.

A Mezcal Mule is a variation on the classic Moscow Mule. You swap out the vodka for mezcal, a smoky spirit similar to, but quite different from, tequila. While bourbon and scotch are both whiskies- don’t give my Makers Mark man a Dewar’s!

Now I certainly don’t need one more glass to pack up, but I knew I just had to have a little hammered copper cup to complete my attitude adjustment (make sure it’s lined, because drinking acidic drinks out of copper can be slightly toxic).

For this mezcal mule fill your glass with ice.

Add 1 ½-ounces mezcal.

1-ounce ginger beer. You can use ginger ale but this ginger beer from Fever Tree is worth it.

3/4-ounce freshly squeezed lime juice.

3/4-ounce passion fruit purée.

1/2-ounce agave nectar.

Add a slice of cucumber and sprig of mint and muddle well with a metal spoon. (This also helps burn off a little more frustration). Add more ice if needed, and garnish with two slices of cucumber, a sprig fresh mint, and a slice lime on the edge.

This icy adult beverage is certainly making the move.

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