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Categories: Poultry, Lunch, Posted on April 28, 2012 by Sandy Bergsten

Today marks the arrival of my college roommates. Not a typical fan of girls’ night out, and certainly not of its extended version (women being best served with a generous dose of men) this trio is an exceptional exception.

My hubby was supposed to be away for business but changed his plans when he heard who was coming, and why not these are his favorites too. It's official- the girls have a cabana boy.

I want to savor every minute of this weekend. That means spending as little time in the kitchen as possible. I also want to treat my best buds with the best I have to offer (it’s the way I show love).

The weekend begins with a citrus marinated grilled chicken salad. It’s the epitome of fresh- due to the abundance of freshly picked zest and a hint of fresh ginger.

citrus marinated chicken salad

Mixed greens, a trio of peppers and a perfectly ripe avocado topped with julienned grilled chicken cutlets. A funny thing has happened to chicken breasts in recent years, they’ve become obscenely large making them difficult to grill evenly. At the high-end butcher I opt for the chicken cutlet, resembling the slightly pounded breast of yore. Lightly marinated it grills up in minutes.

citrus marinated chicken salad

A massive honk from a vehicle more boat that automobile pulls in the drive (Liz’s rental a definite flashback to our motor city university days). May the feast-ivities begin!

citrus marinated chicken salad

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