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Categories: Dinner Party, Lunch, Breakfast/Brunch, Posted on April 24, 2012 by Sandy Bergsten

One of the wonderful things about having a vacation spot is that people you love want to come stay with you. The challenge is how to enjoy yourself with a houseful of house guests. Almost anyone can act like a short order cook and housekeeper but who wants to visit that.

I’ve never played football but I like football movies. In every one of them the head coach has a white board and thick three-ring binders where he charts out the plays revealing his strategies. Call me Bo with his playbook, apropos since this coming weekend is all about my University of Michigan roommates.


Time for the offensive plan. Map out the days, meals, and guests. Missy arrives Wednesday for a conference. Robin and Liz on Friday. Staggered departures on Sunday. Menus for three dinners, one lunch, and four breakfasts. Hike.

Special Teams. Do your guests have any dietary restrictions or things they can’t/don’t eat? Shoot them an email.

Defensive strategy. Brainstorm possible meals for the players who will be on the field for each play. Go on a scouting mission to your local market to spur ideas.


Missy no shrimp, Robin gluten free, Dave and Liz eat everything. Sketch out the possible plays.

Dinners- Wednesday night (3 people) carbonara; Friday night (5 people) citrus marinated pork tenderloin with quinoa and grilled vegetables; Saturday night (5 people) grilled tuna with bok choy stir-fry.

Lunch Friday (3-5 people) citrus grilled chicken salad.

Breakfasts- Thursday (3 people) fresh fruit, English muffins and bacon; Friday (3 people) greek yogurt parfaits; Saturday (5 people) egg white omelets with salsa; Sunday (3 people) clean-out-the-frig hodge podge.


Hail to the Victor’s Valiant, Hail to the Conquering Heros .....

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