peppermint dream sundae

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4 pieces of Pure Madness peppermint bark

1 cup homemade hot fudge sauce, chilled or room temperature

1 pint Jeni’s Ndali Estate Vanilla Bean ice cream



Roughly chop the peppermint bark, set aside.

Set out four dessert plates. Top each with a generous spoonful of fudge sauce in the center. With the spoon make a bit of a chocolate nest on each dessert plate. 

Place a generous scoop of Jeni’s Ndali Estate Vanilla Bean ice cream on top of the chocolate fudge. Soften the ice cream in the microwave for five seconds if you need to so it scoops easily.

Top each scoop with a generous sprinkle of chopped Pure Madness peppermint bark.

Serve immediately.


Makes 4 sundaes

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