our very vegan visit

food detective
Categories: Appetizers, Salads and Dressings, Soups, Veggies and Sides, Dinner for Two, Supper, Cocktail Party, Lunch, Sources, Posted on May 24, 2022 by Sandy Bergsten - Comments (1)
Last weekend was a first of many. The first time my stepson and his family were visiting us in Chicago. The first time we would have a little person in our apartment (previously, pre-covid, we’ve only had a baby). And this would be my first attempt at creating a four-day menu that was completely vegan. I pride myself on being adaptable and nimble
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a holiday tradition

food detective
Categories: Soups, Dinner for Two, Supper, Dinner Party, Lunch, Posted on December 7, 2021 by Sandy Bergsten
Having five adult children, all with partners, most with dogs and two with children, coordinating the holidays could make one feel as if they were running traffic control over O’Hare. Early on my husband and I began a new tradition. If any of our children wanted to come visit, all they needed to do was pick a date and let us know what holiday they
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for the love of cod

cooking for one... or two
Categories: Soups, Dinner for Two, Supper, Lunch, Sources, Posted on March 15, 2021 by Sandy Bergsten
A dear friend is writing her second book. She reached out because she hit a roadblock and wanted my opinion. She is brilliant in the way she can take extremely complex topics and break them down in a way that ordinary people can grasp. Her dilemma was between being “true” to the essence of her subject and being perceived as dumbing it down so the a
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shelter from the storm

cooking for one... or two
Categories: Soups, Dinner for Two, Supper, Lunch, Posted on December 4, 2020 by Sandy Bergsten
Whether you’re getting slammed by Jack Frost or being asked to shelter-in-place, right now might be the perfect time to make a big pot of chili.  I love my recipe, it’s a nourishing meaty stew that gets its sweetness from carrots and red bell peppers. The best part is that it freezes beautifully. So go ahead and make a double batch.
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no rush

cooking for one... or two
Categories: Soups, Dinner for Two, Supper, Lunch, Posted on May 25, 2020 by Sandy Bergsten
I simply adore French onion soup. Historically what I haven’t been crazy about are the required hours to properly caramelize the onions. But now, like many, I have a bit of time on my hands. And like quite a few, I’m not filling my table the way I used to. And if your freezer is like mine and has precious little real estate to spare the last thing
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a little shocking

what's for dinner
Categories: Soups, Grains and Pasta, Dinner for Two, Supper, Lunch, Posted on April 13, 2020 by Sandy Bergsten
We are certainly living in turbulent times. Some more than others. My heart goes out to those and their loved ones affected with the virus and to all on the frontlines keeping us safe. While Covid 19 deservedly dominates the news, there have been a few things occurring around our country that are not making our collective newsfeed.  For example,
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entertaining in the age of social distancing

the virtual gathering
Categories: Soups, Dinner for Two, Supper, Well Equipped, Fête Fact, Posted on March 28, 2020 by Sandy Bergsten
It’s a little surreal writing an entertaining blog when we’re being asked to “shelter in”. Three weeks ago I felt like I needed to make food I could bunker in with. I busied myself with filling my freezer and frig. But then as life’s milestones continued… my firstborn’s 30th birthday, my baby’s engagement, and the pending arrival of our third
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a ray of sunshine

a moment in time
Categories: Soups, Dinner for Two, Supper, Dinner Party, Lunch, Posted on August 6, 2019 by Sandy Bergsten
Sitting down to write about soup seems surreal given last week’s tragic events. My heart breaks for everyone in Dayton, El Paso, and Gilroy. Given the overwhelming senselessness, sometimes the only thing to do is to try to focus on something positive you can control. It’s summer, and that means farmer’s markets. One of my favorite things to do on
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hot summer daze

perfecting the "done before they arrive" party- a work in progress
Categories: Appetizers, Salads and Dressings, Soups, Fish and Seafood, Veggies and Sides, Dinner Party, Sources, Fête Fact, Posted on July 22, 2019 by Sandy Bergsten
Baby it’s hot outside.  Our prewar apartment on Lake Michigan has so much charm, but no central air or personal outdoor space. We do have a few strategically placed portable air conditioner units, but with endless days in the in high 90’s it’s a little warm inside. So, what’s a girl to do when she planned a party a month ago? Time to put her menu
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married for life (and now for lunch)

making it for two
Categories: Soups, Breads, Pizza, Tarts, Lunch, Posted on January 21, 2019 by Sandy Bergsten
My husband and I are navigating the waters of the newly retired. When we moved to Dayton nine years ago I gave up my day job of thirty years and began working exclusively from home. A big switch for sure. This past fall my husband’s job transitioned, and he started a new venture and is now working remotely. Those of you of a certain age will
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