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perfecting the done before they arrive dinner party- a work in progress

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We’ve all said it, “would love to have you over for dinner- let’s get a date on the calendar”. With each additional couple the improbability of finding an open night increases exponentially. Instead of settling on a common weekend in a month, we find ourselves flipping through the seasons.

Last night’s dinner was supposed to occur in July. But with last minute business trips, elusive house sales and an Irish dance schedule that could rival Riverdance, all of sudden our summer barbeque was plunk in the middle of November. Ribs were still the request, the question now was how to autumn up the sides.

Here’s a slaw that knows no season. Asian coleslaw is always a welcome addition.

Asian Coleslaw

Light oriental tones and lots of crunch. The pieces and parts can be made hours ahead. Toss right before your guests arrive.

acorn squash

Swapped out the baked beans for mashed acorn squash. Very fall-ish with a hint of maple.

mashed acorn squash

The squash was roasted that morning. Scooped out and mashed with a little butter, maple syrup, and big pinch of pepper. Reheat in the microwave on 50% power.

And because our dinner is landing midweek instead of it’s original summer Saturday night, I will have to channel my husband and rustle up his legendary baby back ribs on my own. Perhaps I can tweak the recipe and see if those tasty bones can be made almost entirely ahead of time. Lord knows he’d never tolerate any tinkering if he was around.

baby back ribs

First poach the ribs in beer.

grilling ribs

Then grill over hot coals.

bbq sauce

Mix up a secret sauce to slather the ribs. Then grill a second time.

baby back ribs

Because the master griller was far from home, I prepared the ribs entirely up to the second grilling. That way he could still stand over the coals, brush in hand and leave his mark (and I could get dinner on the table in a fraction of the time).

martinis in black

Here’s an ending that really packs a punch- martinis in black. Espresso, vodka, kahlua, and barely whipped cream. What a way to toast finally getting together.


June 14, 2013

wow...those ribs...divine EVERY TIME.... thank you Sandy...but...really thank you, Dave....the ribs and cole slaw (will be June...need to 'summer it up'---no squash tho so yummy) will be centerpiece features at our Family Reunion in Oregon next week!!!....when it my husband's and my turn to dinner hosts.....36 messy happy faces!!!---not sure how wise to end with Martinis in Black...stay tuned!

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