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Categories: Setting the Stage, Posted on March 6, 2015 by Sandy Bergsten

Maybe it’s because I’m an early riser, but I always look forward to the morning we set our clocks ahead. Instead of the sun setting before six o’clock we’ll force the situation so it will begin to stay light well past seven.

This year particularly all vernal aspects seem to need a bit of a push. There is no better way to force the season than to bring in armloads of flowering bulbs. While the ground is still a sheet of snow and ice our grocery stores are teaming with tulips and hyacinths ripe for the picking. And just in time for my spring-forward-soiree this Saturday night.

One thing I learned over the years is that some of the simplest arrangements look spectacular when presented in three’s. Small cube vases are ideal. These can be purchased at Target or any craft store.

Head to the grocery store or if you’re lucky enough to have one nearby, Trader’s Joe’s, for some seasonal blooms. I tend to pick three identical or complementary bunches. One bunch should fit each cube perfectly. If you’re not sure pick up an extra bunch to use as filler.

Cut the stems so that the blooms appear just above the rim of the vase. This way they will stand straight up and not flop about. With all table centerpieces it is critical that your arrangement be well below your guests’ eye level, you never want to obstruct your guests’ view of one another.

Use one of the cut stems as a guideline for the remaining bunches.

Fill each cube with the flowers, then fill will cool water with a little floral preservative. Space the vases evenly down the center of your table.

If that doesn’t put a spring into your step I don’t know what will.

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