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perfecting the "done before they arrive" party- a work in progress

Categories: Desserts, Supper, Dinner Party, Sources, Posted on January 10, 2015 by Sandy Bergsten

Falling head over heels doesn’t have to be complicated, especially when you have crazy good ingredients. Here is a truly decadent dessert that is easy as one, two, three.

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but I make an exception for Pure Madness peppermint bark. It truly is crazy chocolate love. The layers of dark and white chocolate are infused with a minty essence that will take your breath away like a frosty mountain top kiss.

If you‘ve never had Jeni’s ice cream you are missing out. Once you get over the sticker shock of almost ten dollars a pint you’ll dive into this curious blend of cream that is simultaneously rich and uncommonly light. Her Ndali Estate Vanilla Bean is anything but boring. It’s a voluptuous vanilla with hints of jasmine and honey.

Every year for Christmas I make my homemade ho ho hot fudge sauce. The small Ball jars are the perfect little thank you that everyone seems to appreciate this time of year. I set aside an hour or so and whip up a quadruple batch. Once refrigerated it turns into a chocolate reverie. Once you’ve tried this made-at-home version you’ll never want to settle for store bought again.

So here’s my peppermint dream sundae. For each sundae begin by roughly chopping one piece of bark.

Then a generous spoonful of homemade fudge sauce.

Make a bit of a chocolate nest on a dessert plate.

Then a generous scoop of Jeni’s Ndali Estate Vanilla Bean ice cream. Soften it in the microwave for five seconds if you need to.

Top with a generous sprinkle of chopped Pure Madness peppermint bark. Serve immediately.

You too will discover it’s love at first bite.

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