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Categories: Setting the Stage, Posted on September 20, 2016 by Sandy Bergsten

Sometimes the key to a fabulous flower arrangement is in the container. Right now the sunflowers are in full bloom in Yellow Springs, Ohio. The waves of bright yellow faces looking up are truly a sight to behold.

One of the amazing perks of living in Southwest Ohio is that there are actual fields of corn, soybeans, oats, and yes, sunflowers within a 15-minute drive in almost any direction. While most of you might not be fortunate enough to find yourself standing out in a field of sunflowers you certainly can bring these vibrant blooms into your home. The trick is figuring how to create a manageable arrangement out of these large and at times unwieldy flowers.

Be on the hunt for interesting containers. I found this one at a local garden center. The black metal basket holds five little milk bottles in a perfect row. Every basic arrangement benefits from odd numbers. Intermediate arrangements strive to incorporate line and form. My hope was that when a single bloom was placed in each jar it would create a pleasing leading line, and make the sunflowers appear as if they were casually blowing in the wind.

Pick up a bunch of sunflowers at your local market. For my container I need five blooms.

Cut one of the stems at an angle so that the head of flower is about a half inch above the lip of the jar.

Use that cut stem as a measure for the remaining blooms.

Be sure to mix in some floral preservative in the water to keep it from clouding and to give staying power to your arrangement, this especially necessary with thick-stemmed sunflowers.

Fill each jar two-thirds up with the water, and then simply place one cut sunflower in ear jar.

Next fall if you are ever in the area be sure to visit the Tecumseh Land Trust in Yellow Springs. And if you miss the sunflowers in full bloom you can always find these sun worshippers at your local grocery.

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