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Categories: Sources, Setting the Stage, Posted on October 26, 2014 by Sandy Bergsten

Every year I tag along on my husband’s business retreat to DC. While he is toiling away in meetings and conferences I’ve perfected the art of perusing the boutiques. I adore Georgetown’s interior design and antique shops. One of my absolute favorites is Frank Milwee’s on M Street.

He collects the most gorgeous antique silver and specializes in everything pertaining to wine. I feel as though I am in a private museum with my very own docent explaining where each piece originated, how it was made, the silver marks, how it was used and ways one can incorporate the piece into contemporary life.

I spend hours each trip there and at Michael Getz’s antique shop next store. Between the two I have beautifully embellished my table and found many perfect one-of-a-kind gifts.

On this last excursion I found a James Dixon English Sheffield condiment caddy.

Frank had placed several miniature vases in the indents that used to cradle the small bottles and jars. I knew at once this would soon become the prized showpiece on my own dining room table.

All that is needed to make this centerpiece come to life in mere minutes- roses and iris from the grocery store

Trim the iris so that they crown just under the silver handle

Place three stems in half of the vases

Cut the roses so that they rest just under the iris

Place two roses in each of the remaining vases

Carefully fill each vase with water that has some floral preservative in it

Alternate the vases with the iris and roses in the caddy

A centerpiece that is certain to take center stage!

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